Shipping containers are being given a revamp by WhiteCrate, a UK-based company that transforms the old structures into these brilliant pop-up event spaces. The containers begin as ready-built structures in desperate need of some attention. That’s where WhiteCrate let their imaginations run wild, constructing innovative and unique interior spaces for all sorts of occasions. From hospitality areas, mini retail stores, bars, and even pop-up clinics, these modernized containers are offered as a sustainable and alternative temporary space.

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The core structure of the containers come in three different sizes for variation, which are then kitted-out with locally-sourced materials, minimizing on unnecessary transportation and excess waste. They are then up-cycled into contemporary structures that are cost-effective and transportable, and could even be used on a more semi-permanent basis for a new business or community service site for the police. All in all, WhiteCrate gives these shipping containers a second life that’s probably a lot more fun and dynamic than the first!

Take a look at thecompany’s website for more ideas of their diverse range of designs.

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Images courtesy of WhiteCrate