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The vertical garden was designed to act as a tree and a green installation on the side of a building facing the square. Weathered steel conduit act exactly like a tree trunk to provide support and irrigation services to the plants at the end of the branches. The planters are specially designed and a new system for Urbanarbolismo and UnusualGreen. Their Eco.frame system consists of a substrate container structure where vines colonize and grow on different kinds of metallic meshes.

The tree structure is supported by another mesh structure behind it, which is kept off the building and does not cause any damage to the historic structure. A variety of plants were installed on the vertical garden to create greenery throughout the year and includes a number of weather resistant and mainly deciduous grasses and ivy. They used the following vines: Hedera helix “Gloria Marengo” (Ivy), Humus lupulus (Hops), Periclymenum Lonicera (Honeysuckle), Partenocissus quinquefolia (Virginia Creeper), Partenocissus tricuspidata (Virginia Creeper), Vitis vinifera atropurpurea (Red Vine), and the following grasses: Carex gigantea, Carex pendula (Cattail).

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