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picNYC is essentially an aluminum table frame with space inside that can we used as a planter bed. Cut and welded in the United States, the aluminum used is lightweight so it’s perfect for transient New Yorkers who are always moving from one apartment to another. At $5,950 a pop, the table isn’t cheap, but customers that live in NY get a special bonus with their order – a free grass installation with delivery.

Though picNYC is named for the Big Apple, Haiko Cornelissen garnered his inspiration for the piece from his time spent living in Paris. Because he lived in a small apartment there, he often entertained al fresco in his garden and never forgot the wonderful feeling of dining surrounded by greenery and flora. If you’re not into plants so much, you can always fill the table with pretty much whatever floats your boat from pebbles to seaglass, but we’d definitely opt for some fresh basil, oregano and thyme to pluck straight from the tabletop midmeal.

+ Haiko Cornelissen

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Photos by Mike Chino and Jill Fehrenbacher for Inhabitat