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green design, eco design, sustainable design, Veronka Aszalai, Living Furniture, tree furniture, woven branch chair, Hagyaros Village, Hungary

Szalai’s Living Furniture offers a cozy respite from a day of trekking. Made from living twigs and branches, the basket chairs leave no footprint on the grounds in which they sit.

Szalai prefers using the loose branches of the willow tree, which tend to sprout in thin, weave-able stems from stumps and trunks. Combining living branches and others she finds scattered across the grounds, Szalai begins her circular weaving, which fuses living and freshly cut wood. The basket seats pop up atop trees at both low and high heights.

Szalai’s Living Furniture encourages the public to rest and to engaged with their environment. By not bringing foreign elements into the landscape, Szalai allows users to become one with the landscape, blending the border between nature and design.

+Veronika Szalai