Living in the city while having limited space may seem like the norm, but this is especially disheartening for any green thumb looking to take on a gardening project. Fortunately for all the city dwellers out there, Uribo has developed the Vertical Garden– a cool, modern and eco-friendly magnetic gardening system that combines futuristic aesthetics, with functional practicality.

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The pots are made of “eco-plastic”, and each comes attached with to large neodymium magnet strong enough to hold the weight of the plant against any wall. Each pot also includes its own individual puck to hold each of the individual plants. The pots can also be attached together to create nice, little centerpieces for any table. Uribo is also designing a wall mount kit consisting of plates that are also designed to hold the pots.

Interested in buying a few for your home? The Urbio team is currently trying to raise funds to make the project a reality. You can visit for more info.

Via Re-Nest