In a treebute, er tribute, to the natural beauty of their city, two artists from Yogyakarta, Indonesia outfitted scooter riders with safety helmets planted with trees and had them ride around the city en-masse. Passers-by were stunned as they saw trees gliding along on the tops of the cars before the scooter riders were revealed in all their tree-loving glory. The stunt is called Treebute to Yogya and was designed and carried out by Sara Nuytemans & Arya Pandjalu. Video of the tree ride after the jump.

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The artists meant their bike gang to draw attention to the beauty of Yogyakarta, the capital of the Yogyakarta Region in Indonesia and cultural center for javanese arts like batik. Nuytemans and Pandajalu crafted the bike helmets to raise straight into the air from the riders heads, they hold a bit of soil and are all planted with a real live Banyan tree, a tree that is said to be divine in the javanese culture. In addition to drawing attention to the splendor of the environment within Yogyakarta — and its surrounding rice fields — the artistic pair thought the tree helmets might bring up the idea of, “direct CO2 compensation while driving a motorbike.” Perhaps this is a great way to counteract transportation emissions — green roofs for cars and trains too!

+ Sara Nuytemans

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