Ever wished you could charge your cell phones and laptop on the go – in your car, on a train, or just walking around? There are many new gadgets that have come on the market for mobile renewable energy: from solar gadget chargers, to kinetic energy chargers, to mini portable wind turbines. Check out this video to learn a bit more about some of the companies behind the most future-forward new mobile renewable energy devices.

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Our next video installment from the Greener Gadgets Conference features Katie Fehrenbacher (yes, my younger sister and Earth2Tech editor extraordinaire) hosting a panel discussion about the potential of new portable renewable energy technology. Featuring green-tech entrepreneurs from (kinetic energy), (mini wind chargers), (portable solar chargers), (long-life batteries), and (fuel cells), it’s a great discussion about how to power mobility, and how to make gadgets more portable and eco-friendly.

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