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60 million years ago the Earth’s climate was much warmer than it is now — due to natural climate change — which allowed cold-blooded snakes like the Titanoboa to grow to mammoth proportions. The group of artists and engineers at eatART want to warn the human race that the side effects to our uncontrollable use of fossil fuels and the impending climate change are not a pretty sight. For one, we could start encountering another species of giant snakes.

In addition to the collective’s hope that the snake inspires fear in the hearts of man, they’re also using this project to explore alternative modes of propulsion. The collective has put out some other nifty alternative transportation projects like a giant battery-powered spider and will soon start working on an anti-robot robot.

The Titanoboa is an exercise in biomimicry and moves just like a real snake. The collective says that they’ve been contacted by the Defense Department about possibly using their technology but turned them down — they’d rather make art than support war. The snake’s not done yet – he’ll soon get a scaly exterior probably made from recycled HDPE and with that his transformation will be complete. From extinct species to a sustainably modern technical model, this giant has had quite the journey.

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