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Block Architects designed the house with the desire to bring culture and community together. They explain, “It is on this spot that people meet up, share and cook Vietnamese traditional food, especially vegan food.” The Vegan House is three narrow stories tall, and includes communal kitchen and dining areas, dorm style bedrooms and a master bedroom, in addition to a rooftop sanctuary.

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Styling homes with shutters, or jalousie windows, is common in Southeast Asia. Yet, the designers kicked things up a notch by decking out the entire structure with the panels, varying in vibrant colors. Even the roof is made of shutters, with some strategically removed so plant life can grow upward toward the sun. In fact, including greenery in all corners of the building is a strong theme throughout the design. Not only can guests control daylight on each floor with this feature, but also ventilation. Block Architect designers add, “These windows have been used in Vietnam for a long time because of ventilation. They are now rearranged into a new facade and create a special attraction, as well as harmonising with the ancientness of the entire area.”

The interior of the house is comprised of a collection of donated and and found furniture, creating a cozy atmosphere that really speaks to the theme of community inclusion. How badly do you want to sit on this rooftop with a cup of tea, gazing at the night sky?

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Images via Quang Tran