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To build the Matina River’s footbridge the volunteers selectedDendrocalamus asper bamboo, which grows around the city’s outskirts. After bringing the fast-growing canes on site, they treated the material to create a long-lasting structure. Led by traditional Indonesian bamboo carpenters, the construction of the bridge provided local people with new skills and a bigger sense of community.

To make it even stronger and long-lasting, the main joints were held with bolts and cement was poured inside the canes. To make it stable and grounded, reinforced concrete made a good base on each side. The Bamboo Bridge (Tulay na Kawayan) Matina River is not only a beautiful structure for crossing from one side to the other, it is a beautiful example of what cooperation and a bit of craftsmanship can achieve in a month.

+ Bamboo Bridge

Photo © Andrea Fitrianto

Via Plataforma Arquitectura