Whether you want to call it yarn-bombing or guerrilla knitting, this craze has spread across the world in a colorful display of environmentally friendly public art. Isabeau Joubert has done something similar over in Cape Town, South Africa, giving two vintage bicycles a dazzling makeover by using brightly colored wool in a burst of yarn graffiti. The crocheted bicycles were a gift to not only their owners but to the city of Cape Town itself; a piece of public art that aims to inspire others to get on their bikes. Joubert used a bright orange wool to reflect how much she loves exploring the city by bicycle, so now these happy-go-lucky bikes are spreading the message to fellow urban dwellers!

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Joubert told Inhabitat that she is fairly new to commuting by bike, and has written a blog post about her experience doing so in Cape Town. As we are fellow bike fans here at Inhabitat, its great to read about her experiences of seeing the city from a new angle: “It has changed my life”, she says. “This sounds over-dramatic but it’s true. I’ve met people, shared smiles/waves and had conversations along the way that truly inspired me – I felt like I belonged in the city, I was a part of it.”

Joubert hopes to see more public art flourishing in the city, and wanted the transformed bikes to be enjoyed by any passersby. She says that she left them out on the street, unlocked, as a way of encouraging others to let go of preconceived notions of safety. Lets hope they stay pretty and safe, and help to inspire a love of cycling in anyone who may catch a glimpse of them.

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Images via Isabeau Joubert