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Under the Bridge is a proposal for a cultural and entertainment complex under the Tranebergsbron Bridge in Stockholm, Sweden. Linking the city island Kungsholmen and the suburb of Bromma, the bridge was built back in 1934 and at that time had the largest concrete vaults in the world. With minimal intervention, the designers’ propose to create a lower pedestrian walkway on the bridge’s concrete vault, dramatically shortening their crossing time.

As well as reducing people’s walk from 15 to just 3 minutes, the ‘parasitic architecture’ project will activate a large unused space and enhance the connection between the suburbs and inner city. The impressive concrete pillars would be the perfect support for a temporary art gallery and the dead spaces in between will be used for small kiosks. There are also exciting plans for the existing concrete stairs, which can double as seating for watching films projected on the pillars.

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