Interaction with visitors might have been one of Shigeru Ban’s goals when he designed the new Aspen Art Museum, but three visitors took the concept a bit too literally and got themselves arrested after their attempt to climb the 47-foot-tall museum walls. The climbers have to pay a fine of $150, do 10 hours of community service, and will not be allowed to visit the museumfor an entire year.

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The incident happened when 22-year-old Aspen native, Cooper Means, tried to climb the museum’s wall in an attempt to claim a $500 prize offered by local artist Lee Mulcahy. The artist had offered the reward to anyone who posted a photo of themselves near the top of the building on Twitter. It looks like the new building has already gained a bad reputation among a section of the locals. Critics claim that the building stands out and doesn’t feel like a part of the town. Means gave a statement to a local weekly newspaper, criticizingthe new building for transforming the institution into a part of the “art industry.”

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The museum has a woven exterior made of a wood-paper pulp composite, which is finished with a sleek veneer inspired by the region’s abundant forests. It houses 33,000 square feet of gallery and event space and has been controversial ever since its construction was approved by the city officials in 2010.

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Images ©Billy Farrell courtesy of the Aspen Art Museum