ATTENTION NEW YORKERS! This weekend is the annual Armory show in New York City – a giant art show which brings 50,000+ art lovers to Pier 94 in New York City from March 27th to 30th, to scoop up great deals in contemporary art. This year lucky showgoers will have an opportunity to see stunning new green furniture designs in addition to the usual paintings and photographs, with Vivavi’s specially curated green design ARTFORUM Public Lounge.

For the second year in a row, Vivavi will design and furnish the ARTFORUM Public Lounge to give visitors a chance to chill out and recharge in a setting that demonstrates the possibilities for merging great design with environmental responsibility. Teaming up with one of our favorite eco designers, Molo, Vivavi will furnish the entire green lounge with a giant foldable paper Molo ‘Softseat’.

Stunning green furniture will also be on display from Brave Space, Knu, and Todd Laby/Rhubarb Decor.

See the Armory website for more details >>

+ Ecodesign ARTFORUM lounge at the Armory Show in NYC