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Stepping away from the architectural status quo of a residential neighborhood en route to the famed and magical Ha Long Bay, Vo Trong Nghia stacked hundreds of smooth blue stones on top of one another in a curvilinear structure. Topped with a rising green roof that creates a continuous thread of vegetation, the home is arranged around a central oval courtyard.

In addition to promoting air circulation, the courtyard provides a sense of intimacy. And whilst the house might look “primitive” on the outside, we assure you, it is anything but. With their signature class, the designers have used a rich palette of natural materials to adorn the interior, which is warm and cozy and perfectly framed. There’s plenty of light and the home is kept cool thanks to thermal massing and the green roof. Is it any wonder that Vo Trong Nghia has been featured on Inhabitat half a dozen times?

+ Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Via Arch Daily

Photos © Hiroyuki Oki