This sexy new electric motorcycle, called the Volta BCN, is set to hit the market in Q2 of next year in Spain and promises to be the perfect ride for the urban environmentalist. The electric motorcycle world is getting larger by the minute and bikes like the BRD Redshift and Orphiro are hitting the market this year, so Volta has a bit of competition to go up against. Teaser video for the Volta BCN after the jump.

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The BCN packs a punch with a 35 horsepower engine supported by batteries that have a 43 mile range. The bike is optimized for the urban rider who takes many short trips on a daily basis to get around town. It will come in three versions: the BCN Sport, the BCN City, and the BCN My Volta, the latter of which will be customizable through the Volta website.

The folks at Volta unveiled the bike to a small group earlier this week but are planning a larger unveiling at EICMA Motorshow in Milan next month. Starting the first of the year, reservation spots will open up for pre-ordering the two-wheeled, zero-emissions ride. Sources say Volta is pricing the bike at around $10,000 — the company hasn’t released a dollar figure yet — but as more details about production and features become available that price might change.

Via Engadget