There’s nothing quite like renewable energy on-the-go, and Voltaic makes solar power a stylish accessory with a hot lineup of solar powered bags to charge your mobile gadgets. We’ve been impressed with Voltaic’s products from the get go, and with their ongoing efforts to amp up the sustainability factor in their bags like boosting the power in their Generator laptop bag and going to 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic based fabrics. One of our all-time favorite bags is the durable Voltaic Backpack which just may be the ultimate sustainable summertime sidekick and a must have for the eco-geek on the go. And this week, you can win a free Voltaic solar backpack, just for reading Inhabitat!

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The Voltaic Backpack has 1,850 cubic inches of storage, making it the ideal weekend or day pack. Made from a tough fabric that puts recycled PET soda bottles into good use, the backpack is built to hold up under wear and tear. Water resistant and light weight, the bag offers 4 watts of solar power to charge smaller gadgets like phones, cameras and mp3 players and lots of techy features – like 11 adaptors, pouches and wire channels – keep things organized on the go. The bag even has a padded sleeve that can hold up to a 17″ laptop making versatility part of the deal.

Voltaic rocks. And, this week their sustainable super star status goes up another notch as the company supports our Voltaic Inhabitat Green Gadget Giveaway!

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