Camping is probably the last thing most people think about when it comes to the Big Apple but glamping, on the other hand, fits right in. Just when we thought the popular trend of “glamorous camping” had started to wane, Manhattan’s W Hotel on Lexington Avenue reminds us why it got so big in the first place. For people who don’t really like nature but want to say they’ve been on a camping trip (and, incidentally, have a LOT of money to spend), the hotel offers this $2,770-per-night yurt situated on a terrace right off of an equally fabulous suite.

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It’s called the “Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite” and for good reason. The W Hotel partnered with interior design company Laurel & Wolf to create the glampsite, which is included with the rental of the Extreme Wow Suite, a one-bedroom suite with a 700-square-foot terrace that was just begging for a colorful yurt and some glowy lanterns.

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The suite’s terrace has been decked out in cutting edge glamping style. The focus is, of course, the 12-foot yurt which sits atop a ‘lawn’ of bright green astroturf. Adventurous glampers can lounge in rattan hanging chairs near a switch-controlled fire pit that may not be the best place for roasting s’mores (but still probably looks cool).

One of the biggest appeals of real camping is gazing up at the night sky. However, since the city’s vast light pollution makes that a pretty difficult feat from Manhattan, Laurel & Wolf added a canopy of twinkle lights to give guests a vague facsimile of a night camping under the stars. Of course, it should be noted that—since the glamping site is attached to a fabulous suite—guests shouldn’t feel obligated to literally spend the night outside. That would be a tremendous waste of the luxury bedding the hotel provides, after all.

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