A zen-filled getaway awaits in the foothills of the world’s highest mountain range. There, Matra Architects created the Woodhouse Farm, a private holiday home tucked in north India’s Nainital. Surrounded by traditional village houses, the timber-clad abode derives inspiration from the local vernacular while ensuring comfort and unforgettable views of the Himalayas. A sharply pitched roof clad on one side with skylights floods the interior with natural light while mimicking the nearby mountains.

Living area Woodhouse Farm by Matra Architects

Night view Woodhouse Farm by Matra Architects

Available to rent on AirBnB, the cozy retreat sleeps up to 10 guests in five bedrooms and five-and-a-half baths starting at $528 a night. “The design of the house responds to proximity of snow clad northern Himalayan panorama on the horizon while still rooted strongly to the existing and unharmed terraces it occupies,” wrote the architects. “These two overwhelming landscape features influenced the building’s placement at the lowest terrace level of the property and its merger with the larger environment.”

Holiday retreat with Himalaya views Woodhouse Farm by Matra Architects

Mezzanine level Woodhouse Farm by Matra Architects

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The exterior is clad in locally sourced oiled toona wood, while the building is set on a dry stonewall base also locally excavated. Following the natural terrain, the pine-lined interior steps down into three levels, each approximately 560 square feet in size. Four 48-foot-long truss frames built of multiple glued sal wood planks and thin steel tie rods support the roof and provide enough reinforcement to create an open space uninterrupted by additional columns. Square windows punctuate all sides of the facade to ensure “zen views” of the landscape.

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Wooden truss frames Woodhouse Farm by Matra Architects

Square windows Woodhouse Farm by Matra Architects