As technology develops to create smarter, faster, smoother and more luxurious electric vehicles, EV charging port designers are eager to keep up with the innovations. In response, Circontrol’s newest electric vehicle chargers, labeled the Wallbox eNext series, offer ease of use, a sleek look and an advanced interface. 

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An EV charging box attached to a wall next to a black car.

Designed by Lúcid Design Agency, eNext first addressed the needs of the consumer from a technical aspect. Then, the team identified ways to put all the needed parts inside a compact design. Finally, that compact design was contoured into a visually appealing design.

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An EV charging box to a black car.

The eNext series offers three versions, ranging from the base eNext model to the eNext Park and eNext Elite. That means there’s a model for every situation, including residential applications, car parks, office building parking garages and malls or condominiums with multiple units. 

A close-up of an EV charging box attached to a wall.

The innovations of the eNext series make the units easy to use and intuitive for the user. An app and Bluetooth connectivity allow users to set up and control the wall box. Even when they’ve moved away from the vehicles, owners can monitor and program charge settings. This is an especially handy feature in areas with premium or reduced electrical rate periods since it allows users to charge the vehicle remotely during low-cost energy consumption hours. 

The front of an EV charging box against a white background.

The connection between the eNext terminal and your smartphone is simple to set up with a scan of the QR code below the hood. The device then automatically begins charging when a Bluetooth connection is detected; users can also do this manually. The app also allows users to adjust the load power between 10A and 32A.

An exploded diagram of an EV charging box against a white background.

As an optional accessory, Circontrol offers the BeON smart sensor, which optimizes load time when there isn’t enough power and also helps avoid blackouts. These features helped eNext win the iF Design Award 2021 and a Delta Award 2020 from Adi – Fad.

+ Lúcid Design Agency 

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Images via Lúcid Design Agency