A hot architecture firm in New Mexico recently transformed a walk-in ice cream freezer into a cool repurposed office! WAMO Studio architects Vahid Mojarrab and Carol Ware recently moved into an old Taos Cow Ice Cream freezer in Santa Fe that they transformed into an energy-efficient, 500 square foot workspace.

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Mojarrab and Ware decided to renovate the old freezer after receiving a hot tip from a friend and partial owner of the Taos Cow Ice Cream. To convert the space, the architects cut holes for three windows and a door into the exterior, removed the freezer’s compressor, and added a heat pump to regulate temperature. The entire renovation makes the studio a full 50% more efficient than normal office spaces due to the original sheet metal and insulated polyeurethane construction.

Mojarrab left the big freezer door in place, and generally keeps it open during business hours. He says that because of the design, he has not had to turn on any air conditioning this summer in order to maintain a consistent 71 degrees. The remainder of the Taos Cow Ice Cream facility still houses ice cream in two other walk-in freezers, and it’s looking to use the spaces to both store and retail their products. The WAMO Studio is one of the first offices in Santa Fe to pull off such a high-profile industrial conversion.

Via A/N Blog