Juan Fontanive has taken the magic of flipbook animation to a hypnotizing new level. The Brooklyn-based artist brings hand-drawn and screen-printed images of birds and butterflies to life with perpetually looping mechanical machines that whirr and hum along with their ghostly animations. Fontanive salvaged old bits and pieces from bicycles and clocks to create the kinetic machinery for his motorized flipbooks.

Fontanive’s enchanting creations are part film and part sculpture. While the visually striking and colorful images are what initially draw the eye, it’s the auditory component that really brings his pieces to life. The constantly flipping bristol papers and whirring gears mimic the soothing sounds of wing flapping.

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On his website, Fontanive quotes a description by Gilda Williams about the artist’s work: “Fontanive’s artworks seem strangely possessed, producing curiously moving animals that are neither living nor dead, or creating ghostly systems which seem to float mid-air and follow a pace and logic of their own.” You can see Fontanive’s works in action on his Vimeo page.

+ Juan Fontanive

Via Design Milk

Images via Juan Fontanive