Have you ever dreamed of coming back as a happy dog? Now you can get a taste of this happiness thanks to the new Fetch harness by GoPro. The adventure camera company has unveiled an awesome sample reel by Fetch’s guinea pig, Walter, an energetic dog who can’t wait to jump into the ocean! With the new accessory, viewers can enjoy life from a dog’s perspective – and it is so much fun!

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The latest GoPro accessory, the Fetch harness, lets dog owners hook their camera right onto their beloved pet. With the camera snugly in place, the video captures the life of the family dog from an angle not seen before- a “flea’s eye view” The adorable footage captures the happy-go-lucky adventures of the dog, while also giving perspective of the world around our canine friends.

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Walter’s excitement and zest for the beach is happily apparent in this sample video, which was filmed in an Italian beach town. As soon as his owner unclips his leash, the adorable dog tears through his back yard at lightning speed, flies down several flights of stairs, and races to the beach. Without hesitation, he pushes right through a group of sunbathers and then plunges into the sea.

The energetic footage gives a glimpse into the happy, carefree life of a happy pup, in turn making anyone who watches Walter’s triumphant jump into the ocean smile from ear to ear!

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