Nobody likes to be jolted out of bed by a buzzing alarm clock. Austrian designer Vera Wiedermann has created a pretty and peaceful solution to the daily ear-ringing with her water-powered Dreamtime alarm clock. Using the old tradition of balancing with water, the Dreamtime clock allows not only for a serene night’s sleep, but also a gentle chiming in the morning that makes waking up actually enjoyable!

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Wiedermann’s design aims to put joy and thought back into our sleep routine. By pouring water into the glass bowl, the user can stop and think about how much sleep they are filling themselves with. Water drips silently from one bowl to the other, measuring time organically without the pesky mechanics of ticking noises or battery outages. As the top bowl gets lighter, it rises and finally lets a hammer fall. Bouncing between the two bowls, the alarm lets out a smooth, singing chime that will put any clock radio to shame.

+ Vera Wiedermann