The hot hand-held gadget of choice may not be the iPhone for much longer – if this wearable and solar powered wrist phone comes to market, everyone on the streets may soon be sporting it. Inspired by photosynthesis, the Leaf is a wearable phone concept created by Seungkyn Woo and Junyi Heo. The flexible device incorporates solar cells into the front and is capable of rolling up into the form of a wristwatch so that users can wear it and keep it charged while they’re on the move.

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The Leaf consists of layers of flexible material that can bend to wrap around your wrist, allowing it to soak up solar energy as you go about your day. Each end of the wristband is secured with magnets, and a simple cell phone with basic functions is incorporated into the design. You won’t be able to play games, download music, check your email, or read the New York Times online, but you can make phone calls and send and receive messages.

The solar cells are built into the phone itself and can charge as you wear it. Alternatively, there is a solar powered dock, which you can plug the phone into for a recharge. And if the sun ain’t shining, there is a traditional wall charger you can plug in. The designer’s main objective with the phone was to “remind people that they can contribute to energy efficiency.”

Via Yanko Design