Prefabrication of the components for this apartment complex designed for Denver, Colorado, would hasten construction times and ideally reduce overall cost. Weave Housing, designed by Meridian 105 Architecture, is a proposal for a prefab, urban housing complex that relies on lightweight insulated concrete and high performance glazing.

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The urban apartment complex would feature a mixture of different sized apartments. Some apartments are one unit wide, others are two across or two vertically and even larger units are two across and two vertically. Inspired by a child’s weaving loom, the facade features various textures, deep overhangs, and pockets, which add to the overall passive design strategy. Each apartment is narrow in width and long in length allowing for more daylighting and ventilation. The complex would also feature retail space on the ground floor and resident amenities, like a rooftop pool.

Lightweight and insulated concrete slabs reduce overall building weight and foundation requirements as well as provide extra insulation. Windows would be argon filled, with low-e coatings and have shading fritted patterns. Composite polymer components would be prefabricated off-site and then transported to the apartment complex and hoisted into place. Prefabrication would facilitate greater precision and reduces overall construction time.

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