Since its launch just over a year ago, the creators of the brilliantly cool Wheelys Bike Cafe have made a huge number of improvements, and the company has just wheeled out an Indiegogo campaign for their Wheelys 3 solar-powered coffee cart. Much like previous versions, the simple customized cart allows one to set up your own Starbucks competitor with incredible ease and little by way of start up costs—but now the Wheelys cart includes a built-in greenhouse so you can harvest your own coffee beans, a smart phone app to control coffee temperatures, and more.

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Developed by the Scandanavian Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, the Wheelys Bike Cafes have been sold in 24 countries around the globe. The most recent incarnation, the Wheelys 3, is selling via Indiegogo for $2999, and boasts their price allows people to set up a coffee shop for a fraction of the cost of opening a store front franchise.

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As with the Wheelys 2, the latest model features electric pedal assist to help you more your store between locations, a solar array to provide power for lights, many compartments for storage, including an isolated one to keep soda and cream cool. Three butane burners are available to brew the coffee, and there is also a set up for serving the ever trendy pour over brews, along with—yes—that slightly unusual greenhouse trailer added on.

The newly-developed smart phone app not only controls the temperature of the coffee, but can manage customer payments—including through Bitcoin, and can advertise your location to customers, while allowing the cafe cart owner to network with other Wheelys operators. Unsurprisingly, the bike cafe includes just about everything else you could need possibly need, including running water, a graywater tank, and options for milk frothers, Turkish coffee makers and hand-powered coffee grinders.

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