Ever leave the house wondering if you left something on that should’ve been turned off? Wouldn’t you love to be able to power down your house with the touch of one button? That’s the simple notion behind the Whole House-Off Switch by designer Jack Godfrey Wood, a single button that can turn off of the unnecessary power in the house, so as you walk out the door, you can be sure all the TVs, lights, and other appliances you may have left on are safely off and not consuming any electricity.

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Simple in concept, the Whole House-Off Switch is a bit more complicated when you stop to consider just how many appliances we have in our homes that require constant power; larger items such as the refrigerators are obvious, but smaller items can include clocks or lights left on automatic timers for security reasons.

The Whole House-Off Switch was designed to make “the green way the most convenient way,” and was part of a larger project to “encourage ‘green’ action among the environmentally disenfranchised.” One thing is for sure, this is one fun switch that you’ll have to stop the kiddos from pushing, and it makes for a fun easy way to make sure we don’t leave the lights on. + Whole House Switch

Via Yanko Design