We fell in love with this beautiful concept for a memorial park in Turkey and were very excited to see a number of small-scale wind turbines incorporated into the lawn of the rolling green space. Designed by Turkish firm 1/1 Architecture, the “Murat Gunduz July 2nd Canlar Memorial Park” won 2nd prize in a national design competition. Compared to the 1st prize winner, we definitely prefer 1/1 Architecture’s concept, especially considering their inclusion of wind energy and their ecologically-sound design for the monument square.

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The national design competition was held to find a plan for the Murat Gunduz – July 2nd Canlar Memorial Park in Sivas, Turkey. The design is focused around a central monument-square, which is made up of a series of curvilinear walls with water fountains. Writing on the walls memorializes those who lost their lives during the Sivas Massacre in 1993. The Memorial Park will also serve as a culture and arts center.

Around the monument square are native gardens, hybrid energy modules (small-scale wind turbines), an easel installation with an outdoor workshop, observation terraces, and activity meadows for cultural activities. The center, which is conceived in response to the tragic events seen as major assault on free speech and human rights in Turkey, is also centered around ecological and sustainable design.

Via ArchDaily