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The Met was designed following the logic of low-rise tropical housing, with a layout that allows cross-ventilation and establishes communication between the inside and the outside through the introduction of open-space terraces, verandas and gardens. It incorporates typical Thai elements such as ceramic tiles, textiles and timber paneling. The building is dominated by two design strategies- populating horizontal surfaces with vegetation and walls with creeper screens for shading. A staggered arrangement of blocks diversifies the climate within the building and creates gentle breezes which reach deep into the living spaces.

Common areas are scattered all over the tower, offering a variety of experiences and ambiances: inhabitants can enjoy the stone and vegetation on the ground level, the indoor-outdoor facilities around the pool area, libraries, small resting places and sky terraces.

The Met will be competing for a part of a 1-million dollar fund and a place among five or six finalists which will be selected and announced at a ceremony to be held in Lisbon in September 2013.

+ WOHA Architects

+ Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Photos by Patrick Bingham-Hall