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St Joseph House, Wolfgang Tschapeller Architekt, flood-resistant houses, floating houses, small prefab homes. Austrian architecture, concrete, sustainable houses, mobile homes

The structure hovers over a shallow pit which can be utilized as a car port or storage space. The 4 supports include a one-legged element, two two-legged ones and one three-legged element that elevates the building from the ground by more than two meters- depending on the topology of the terrain. Enclosed in a rigid shell-like structure, the interior spaces are marked by soft, flowing spaces and angled walls that form oddly-shaped rooms and windows. The faceted walls form small niches that act as intimate in-between-spaces. Those make the building appear much larger than it actually is.

Despite the use of concrete, the St. Joseph single family residence is made habitable independent of the building site. Its small size is compensated by the playful interior, which differs from the outside shell in both form and materiality.

+ Wolfgang Tschapeller Architekt

Via Archdaily