An Israeli woman shopping at a supermarket last month made a discovery straight out of our worst nightmare. When another customer asked if she noticed anything “strange” about a bag of lettuce, she quickly realized it was housing a snake. In a situation that would leave some passed out on the floor and others rushing out the door with a resounding “nope!”, the woman did some investigating and learned that the slithery invader was indeed a venomous viper.

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The woman reportedly stopped by a popular chain, Supersal, to buy food for her son, who accompanied her to the store. When she realized the danger lurking in the produce section, she took action, alerting the staff and helping to isolate the bag so other customers wouldn’t be hurt. The manager was not available at the time, so she called the customer support hotline and made a report – for good measure.

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She also snapped a pic of the critter and contacted Guy Haimovitch, the website manager for, who helps the public identify potentially deadly reptiles. He confirmed the snake was a Palestinian viper and, indeed, venomous. Haimovitch applauded the good samaritan’s actions, stating “The snake could have disappeared in the lettuce, and it would have been a tragedy had someone been bitten while buying lettuce.”

So, beware the next time you are shopping for produce – you might do well to perform a thorough inspection before leaving the store. Oh, and good luck trying to fall asleep tonight.

Via YNet News

Lead photo via Snakesss. Other images via Shutterstock, Wikipedia