UOOU Studio’s recent project provides the cozy architectural atmosphere the project name Womb implies. The office building was developed in conjunction with MAO Architects, Studio Dedalo Architettura, BEONE, Davide Frati for client Reale Group/Reale Immobili.

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A bird's eye view of a building with greenery crawling down the building

“Womb works like a tree. It is part of its ecosystem and becomes an active and positive element of it,” explained UOOU Studio.

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Two different views of a building office building with greenery covering its side

The roots

The building is erected from the earth like a tree planting its roots into the ground, growing upwards. Womb draws its nutrients through geothermal sources and an efficient system of rainwater collection.

The bark

Womb’s structure is strong but breathable. It protects the building, but lets light through thanks to its photovoltaic to photocatalytic lamellas.

The canopy

Growing on the side of Womb is a proper “waterfall” of vegetation. It connects the city with the environment, generates oxygen, filters light and promotes the well-being of those who work there.

Two renderings of a skyscraper building, on the left is during the day and on the right is the view at night

Natural inspiration to the building

Located in Milan, Italy, Womb sits in an area that connects historic and modern neighborhoods. With this reflection of the past married with the views into the future, the architecture aimed “to dialogue with the different souls of the city.”

Inside the office building has white hallways and a greenery that hangs from the ceiling

Obviously nature is a predominant inspiration for the build, so even though it sits in the heart of Milan, long terraces on each of the 18 stories are furnished with green spaces for plants and trees. The triangular-shaped lot presented challenges to the design team, but offered advantages in the angles as well. In the end, they were able to orient two sides of the building to the south and one to the north. This maximized views into the center of the city, while providing natural light into the space. 

A main lobby area with a backdrop behind the front desk that reads WOMB

Banks of glass windows create an open and bright interior space. However, protective slats run vertically around the south sides of the building for temperature control. The photocatalytic materials also filter air for a healthier indoor environment. Architects envisioned Womb as the new “Ecological Landmark” of Milan, with features that are inviting for pedestrians walking by and for those who work or visit the building. 

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Images via UOOU Studio