Electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment is surging forward — maybe faster than the cars it’s supposed to fill up. ABB recently launched their Terra High Power (HP) charger, which provides a stunning 120 miles in eight minutes – but New Atlas pointed out many EVs can’t yet handle the 350 kilowatts at which this fast charger operates.

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ABB demonstrates their Terra HP EV charger for German chancellor Angela Merkel and Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto

The Terra HP DC charger can fill cars up at a rate nearly three times that of Tesla Superchargers. ABB said the charger is “the first 350 kW product on the market,” and that gas stations or highway rest stops are ideal for the fast charger. CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer said in a statement, “This high-power fast charger provides electric vehicles with up to seven times more range in the same charging time than previous models.”

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Sounds impressive, but is ABB ahead of its time? New Atlas said there is nothing on the market able to handle 350 kW. Many vehicles are limited to 50 kW; preserving battery life is the reason. Charging batteries up super fast can be damaging to battery life. There are cars that can handle more; the 2018 Nissan Leaf is one such example, able to handle 100 kW. But enabling batteries to handle such rapid charging is just one more task on the list of things battery researchers need to tackle, New Atlas said, alongside thermal stability, energy density, and more.

Of course, to compete with gasoline-fueled cars at long ranges better, EVs will need to be able to handle super fast charging. Filling up a fossil fuel car at the gas station usually takes just a few minutes right now. New Atlas said the Terra HP units will probably only get close to their charging capability when several cars are plugged in simultaneously — at least for now.

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