3D printing has been used to create everything from entire rooms to salt houses and even a castle. But now architect Adam Kushner wants to take the technology to a whole new level by 3D printing an entire estate. Kushner has grand plans to fabricate an entire 2,400-square-foot home complete with four bedrooms and a swimming pool in Gardiner, New York. If the bold new project is successful, it would be the first 3D-printed estate in the world.

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To build the massive 3D-printed property, Kushner plans to fly a modified version of Enrico Dini’s oversized D-Shape printer over to New York next January. The printer renders stone-like objects using a combination of sand or other materials with a magnesium-based binder. The house plans are broken up into three parts that will be constructed over time, starting with the swimming pool, then the pool house, and finally the 2,400-square-foot residence.

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Kushner plans to build the pool using an extrudable construction material made from ground-up rock combined with the magnesium-based binder. For the site’s more complex structures like the pool house, Kusher also plans to strengthen his concrete mixture by adding fibers such as aluminum strands or Brillo pad-like steel shavings.

The biggest and most complex part of the project will of course be the full-size house. Whereas previous 3D-printed building projects cut complexity by remaining small scale or fabricating in sections, Kushner plans to construct his house in one go. One of the biggest problems he’ll face is how to plant rebar as the machine pours in the building’s walls and foundation.

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The project still has a ways to go. Currently, Kushner and D-Shape are working together to design STL files (3D blueprints) of the estate. This week the architect hopes to print a small-scale version of the entire estate using a regular-size 3D printer.

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