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The initial idea for the STAR had humble beginnings as a napkin sketch created by FIRM advertising executive Alex Malybaev in a conversation with Lobanov about the stagnation of creativity in yacht design. Lobanov then worked with BMT Nigel Gee to refine the sketch into a technically feasible design.

The symmetrical boat design is decked out in electric architecture and fully azimuthing propulsion. The concept vessel offers over 37,600 square feet of luxury space across 8 decks that will include a helipad, an underwater viewing deck, and four elevators to run up and down its 200-foot-long height. STAR is also designed to travel at a maximum speed of 18 knots and will be equipped with a dynamic positioning system so that it can track the path of the sun without relying on traditional anchors.

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“Historically yacht design has been described as both an art and a science,” says James Roy, Yacht Design Director of BMT Nigel Gee, in a press release. “STAR is a tangible view of a 21st century interpretation of art and science. We are fortunate to live in an era where technology makes the delivery of bolder designs more possible – for clients who are adventurous innovators anything is truly possible”. The STAR team is targeting the billionaires of the world interested in not only a one-of-a-kind luxury yacht, but also what may be the world’s most exclusive private hotel.

+ Ignor Labanov

+ BMT Nigel Gee

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Images via Ignor Labanov, BMT Nigel Gee