The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge just opened in Sochi National Park, Russia. It’s not really meant to serve your daily commute, though – the bridge is part of the AJ Hackett Sochi Skypark. The 1,800-foot-long bridge was built over a 650 foot chasm and it attracts bungee jumpers and sightseers alike.

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The Sochi Skypark bridge was developed in collaboration with New Zealand, and it took two years, 740 tons of metal and 2,000 cubic meters of concrete to construct. The bridge and the bungee platform are suspended by eight 52mm cables – each of which is rated to hold 300 tons.

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Those who have the opportunity to visit Sochi can take a stroll along the huge structure overlooking roads, rivers and mountains 650 feet below. Those that feel more adventurous can get in line for a bungee jumping experience – there are several different points on the bridge from which to jump.

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Images via AJ Hackett Sochi skypark Facebook