A “tragic polar bear” living in a cramped space in China’s Grandview Aquarium incited international concern after photos and videos of him searching for a way out surfaced. Pizza the polar bear has been described as the “world’s saddest polar bear” and Animals Asia is gathering signatures to close the Grandview Aquarium. Now Yorkshire Wildlife Park has offered to provide Pizza with a large new home, but it’s unclear whether or not the aquarium will let Pizza go.

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The Grandview Aquarium is located in a Guangzhou, China mall. Although an online petition has asked the general public to avoid the aquarium, some have stopped to take selfies. The aquarium also contains a wolf, six belugas, arctic foxes, and five walrus calves in “horrifying conditions.”

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Pizza has been offered a way out. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park offers polar bears 10 acres in which to play and two lakes. One lake is more than eight meters deep, so polar bears can dive as they do in wild habitats. Pizza would also be able to live with other polar bears instead of in the solitary space in which he is currently trapped.

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Dave Neale, Director of Animal Welfare for Animals Asia, said the organization has spoken with Grandview Aquarium and they realize they have made mistakes in providing habitats for their animals. Neale said Animals Asia would be “delighted” to see Pizza moved to Yorkshire Wildlife Park where he would “enjoy incredible facilities.” Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s offer stands only if Grandview Aquarium will not “replace Pizza with another polar bear or any similar-sized animal.”

Over half a million people have signed Animals Asia’s petition to close the Grandview Aquarium. If you want to add your name to the petition, you can do so here.

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