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The current pier, which sits on the west side of Manhattan at West Houston Street, is run-down and badly in need of repairs. WXY’s plan would not only renovate the pier, but would also call for two 22-story residential high rises, creating a new waterfront neighborhood. The rent from the residential towers would also help raise the funds to put the project into realization, without creating the heavy foot traffic that a commercial complex would bring.

WXY’s plan calls for a more unified park land, removing some of the old pier building to connect the street and esplanade with the waterfront and green area.  With the expanded park area, the second floor of the pier building could be used for office rentals, helping to generate income to sustain the complex. The best part of the plan (at least for the area’s sports teams) would be the creation of 40% more park land.

The green space would also continue on the roof of the pier building, which could be planted with water-filtering grasses, and inlaid with solar panels to generate green energy. An elevated mezzanine track would also wrap around the park, giving joggers a workout with a view.

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