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Xiangxiangxiang Boutique Container Hotel is made from 35 repurposed shipping containers, and is located in the tourist area of Tianxia Duchenghuang. Featuring exterior and interior spaces for work and relaxation, the hotel integrates local culture and materials. It was designed following an integral “incense” theme offering everything from incense-related food, to traditional incense rites, incense stoves and a whole atmosphere scented by the plant.

To bring some natural light into the corrugated boxes, the architects perforated long windows and skylights in every container. The interior decoration and furniture make the most out of the long and lean spaces, all painted using non-toxic water-based paints. A vanguardist concept in the area, we heard there would be more eco-friendly projects like this one, thanks to the help from China National Development and Reform Commission, and the CIMC.

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Photos by Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co