A lucky stray dog in China received the royal treatment with an expansive doghouse made from a recycled fridge! Designed by studioY-town, the sectioned doghouse is made from an old refrigerator that has been turned on its side and upgraded with a slanting roof.

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One of the designers in the Shanghai-based firm found Chuichui and decided to offer her a home at the Y-town office’s garden near the Huangpu River. The dog didn’t have a place to sleep, so the designers came up with this repurposed home. Y-town is no stranger to recycling and repurposing objects—they have been creating recycled refrigerator furniture since 2008, so the dog house was a no-brainer.

Laid on its side, the Bosch refrigerator’s compartments perfectly divide up Chuichui’s living space. The door was opened to create an entrance and exit ramp, and the refrigerator’s main compartment was outfitted with a soft cushion to serve as the “bedroom.” The other wire rack-divided compartments become areas for drinking water or eating puppy chow. Y-town also added a piece of glass to serve as a sloped roof, which overhangs the ramp.

The recycled home has become all the rage, with Chuichui becoming a star on Weibo (China’s version of Twitter). Y-town has also been known to redesign and recycle other waste materials including billboard posters and even clothing.

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