Here’s one to file in the “wish-that-I-could-get-one” department. Yamaha recently revealed their PAS City-C, a sleek battery-powered electric bike that was designed by the famed japanese firm ±0, who are well known for their wall-mounted Muji CD player. The limited edition hybrid-electric bicycle features a sturdy metal frame and an electric motor that provides assistance while accelerating, climbing a hill, riding into the wind, or carrying heavy loads.

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The PAS City-C boasts a handy bike basket and a lithium-ion battery that provides an extra push when it’s needed most. Perfect for commutes and daily errands, the chic bike weighs around 22kg, and is capable of achieving around 65 km on a single charge.

The bikes will be available in green and grey with a price tag of $2000, and unfortunately they only be released in limited numbers Japan. While the price tag is a bit heavy, we must admit to having fallen in love with the beautiful frames and colour schemes – if only they would sell them everywhere in the world.

+ Yamaha PAS Bicycle

+ ±0