The morning shower is as routine as the daily cup of coffee. It’s almost a ritual for many. Many people’s shower are equipped with a host of plastic bottles, including shampoo, conditioner and body washes. YouBodyCare wants to put an end to body wash in a bottle by developing a system to make it happen. 

YouBodyCare pod that has text that reads "one pod saves 24 disposable bottles"

“The traditional body washes are made up of about 85% water and create over a billion plastic bottles of body wash that end up in garbage and recycling streams each year!” stated by the company.

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Illustrative drawing of product bursting with coconuts and pomegranates

Founder Heather Fritzsche created an alternative. YouBodyCare body washes are delivered to your home in compact sealed packets. According to the company, “All YouBodyCare packets break down into clean energy in 120 days, so [there] is no need to recycle them. They’re good for you and the planet!”

YouBodyPod with the product held in another hand

The powder inside each packet is mixed with water in a device called the YouBodyPod, which converts the powder into a sudsy lather. You can add three to four packets at a time and refill the device every week or so. 

Products lined up in different color

The body wash collection offers an assortment of scents, including Play, Simple, Clean, Calm, Awake, Wander, Escape and Balance. The individual scents were formulated to be combined so you can create your own scent profile. 

A box filled with the products displayed against a white background

“I’m just a real believer that businesses have the responsibility to make the world a better place,” Fritzsche said. “I really think YouBodyCare can do that by helping people embrace who they are, without stereotypes, and protecting our rivers and oceans.”

A sudsy loofa-looking product held by a hand

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The company sent me three packets to sample. However, they didn’t send the YouBodyPod. I was disappointed the samples arrived in a bubble envelope. Considering the durability of the packets themselves, I feel like they would have traveled fine in recyclable paper instead.

The products laid flat with a spoon, leaves and coffee grounds

The print on the packets said to avoid coming into contact with the powder in dry form, so I mixed it into a bottle with water, guessing on the correct ratio since there were no specific directions. I didn’t get any foaming effect by simply mixing the powder with water, so I’m sure I didn’t achieve the optimal engagement. Obviously the YouBodyPod is an essential component to the experience. 

I will say I love the scents. They offer just enough to take the mind into nature without any clingy scent on your skin afterwards. In summary: I say try them out for yourself, but make sure to order the YouBodyPod when you do. 

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Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by YouBodyCare. All opinions on the products and company are the author’s own.