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It took Victor four days over the 2011 Christmas holiday to build the hexagonal shelter, which peacefully blends with the surrounding woodland. Topped by a mossy roof, the eco-shelter was placed just a few steps below the squirrel’s drey and served as a shelter throughout last year’s winter and first days of spring. Before going to work at the school, Victor would spend the early hours of the day quietly observing the animal’s habits and taking photographs.

The shelter was built using local scrap wood and has enough space for four people to sit comfortably. This young freelance photographer and nature-lover told Inhabitat how delighted he was to dedicate several months observing the rare squirrel’s elegant and clever moves as it searched for its favorite food: walnuts.

Originally from Cuba, Victor travels the world working as a freelance photographer and his next project will be taking close ups of wild elephants, dangerous snakes and beautiful tigers across India. We will definitely be watching his steps!

+ Victor Manuel Fleites Escobar

Photo © Victor Manuel Fleites Escobar