If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there must be volumes inside this tiny booklet by Yusuke Oono. The Germany-based Japanese architect created this incredible 360 degree picture book using a laser cutter for Fab Cafe’s You Fab 2012 design contest. Not surprisingly, her small, circular diorama took one of the top honors. Closed, the piece looks like an everyday book, but once opened, its pages can be splayed revealing a forest, animals, an evil witch, and Snow White with accompanying dwarfs.

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Yusuke Oono’s small story book appears as magical as the fairytale inside. The pages, which are bound together with glue, are separated by ring shaped spacers to ensure that the story is viewed at the right angle. Looking like the offspring of a Rolodex and a mobile, the snow white book reveals new details with every turn. Each flat leaf combines to make a three-dimensional sculpture that lets the reader explore a moment frozen in time.

Oono recently won an award for her design from Fab Cafe. On receiving the award, she said, “I am so thrilled to have been selected as the winner of the Free Fab category for You Fab 2012. I like finding new ways to express dimension, and it occurred to me to create this palm-sized book that opens out to form a 3D world. I hope that everyone who opens the book enjoys it and is surprised by how the closed book dramatic transforms into a diorama.”

Via My Modern Met