Super designer Yves Béhar’s Fuseproject just gave the thermostat a modern makeover. The studio’s new Hive 2 thermostat looks like a minimalist steel mirror instead of a bulky, blinking technology blob. Hive 2 fuses timeless design with modern technology, allowing users to control utilities at home or remotely using a smart device.

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green design, eco design, sustainable design, Yves Behar, Fuseproject, hive 2 thermostat, energy efficiency, climate control Annoyed with the typical intrusive plastic look of most thermostats, Béhar designed the Hive 2 to allow technology to take a back seat in the design of a home. When not in use, the Hive 2 looks like a highly polished piece of steel, almost like a mirror that reflects the colors, light and shapes inside the home. To activate the thermostat, users can either touch, or start up their smart device. The polished metal surface is really injection molded plastic, which transforms into an interface and lights up with LEDs once touched, creating a blur of imagery that makes the surface seem as if it is floating.

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The surface features system information like temperature, time, and climate control indicators. Users can program up to six timed temperature settings for climate and hot water for the day, enabling energy savings for when out and about or at work. Changes in the schedule and settings can be done remotely via phone.

To match and morph with changing design tastes, the face can be outfitted with a variety of colored edges, to suit the moods of your interior over time, making the Hive 2 an incredible and adaptable modern device. Unfortunately, it is only available in the UK to British Gas subscribers.

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