Architects love to dabble on projects of smaller scales, and now iconic architect Zaha Hadid is joining the ranks of architect-dabblers by announcing her foray into shoe design! The always provocative architect is someone we love to criticize here at Inhabitat for her obsessive formalism, but we must say that we are thrilled to see her burgeoning interest in sustainable design take the form of a partnership with Brazilian eco shoe design company Melissa.

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We’ve written about Melissa shoes on numerous occasions before on Inhabitat, because we are huge fans of the Brazilian company’s commitment to the environment with their vegan, recyclable plastic materials, their socially responsible trade and labor practices, and their cute and affordable designs, which make vegan shoes more palatable to eco-chic fashionistas. So despite any reluctance we may have to put this loopy red plastic shoe on our own foot, we are excited about the general direction that Zaha is going in here.

Famous (or infamous depending on your perspective) for her grand architectural gestures in form, Zaha Hadid isn’t really known for her commitment to practicality, comfort or usability. I would have to say that as far as I can tell, the new shoe design doesn’t fall far outside of Zaha’s signature style. The rubber shoes are certainly unusual and interesting from an aesthetic perspective, featuring recognizable Zaha-isms such as biologically inspired lines, cut-outs, and diagonally sloping straps. However, despite the ‘interesting’ aesthetics, they don’t look particularly practical or wearable to me. However, if you’re in the market for a pair of limited edition ‘work-of-art’ shoes that look like they were designed for the movie Alien, they can be found for £200 at the Dover Street Market in London starting September.

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Via NyMag via The Guardian