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Forman began capturing the wonder of the waterways around the world early in life after traveling to remote landscapes with her family. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the artist began to draw the scenes she saw, focusing on environmental changes affecting each region, such rising sea levels and global warming.

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At first glance, Forman’s pastels look like photographs taken in exotic locations around the globe. Polar ice caps are met with flowing arctic waters, ominous icebergs float amongst wispy clouds, while warmer climates are shown with cresting waves and clear beaches. Almost magically, the elements in each piece appear with such detail in the bold colors of rich pastels.

Forman’s remarkable drawings use an even more remarkable method. Rather than painting with traditional brushes, the artist simply uses her gloved hands, literally finger painting with pastels to achieve stunning realism. Forman has made a name for herself, using her fingertips to conjure the far reaches of the world, highlighting the environmental beauty that has become endangered by climate change.

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