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Apparat-C designed the Twin Peaks House with a simple and clean aesthetic matched by a bone-white interior and exterior facade that’s also complemented with light timber accents. Despite the building’s gabled appearance, the house is contained a single rectangular volume that stretches far back into the site. To create a greater sense of spaciousness inside the 1,900-square-foot home, the architects minimized the use of floor-to-ceiling divider walls and created an open layout with high-ceilinged spaces, including two airy attics that double as a children play spaces.

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The small entrance foyer, which juts out with a gabled profile to the right of the main building volume, leads directly into the open-plan communal area, which consists of the kitchen, dining, and living spaces. The central corridor connects the communal area to the private bedrooms, baths, and children playrooms located at the rear of the house.

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Images © Namsun Lee