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ZOOlamps come in 5 varieties: Pettirosso Erithacus rubecula, Pesce palla faraona Arothron meleagris, Pesce palla liscio Sphoeroides pachygaster, Pinguino reale Aptenodytes patagonica, Pipistrello Amazona autumnalis, or more simply: a parrot, a blowfish, a blunthead pufferfish, a penguin and a bat. Each can be placed upright or upside down, which is particularly effective for the bat-shaped lamp. You can even hang several ZOOlamps in a cluster or on a chandelier for an even more dramatic result.

While they might at first look akin to the regular bulbs you might see at Home Depot, upon further inspection it’s clear that Zoolampsare actually individual works of art. Each one is blown from world-renowned Murano glass, meaning that just like real animals in the wild, no two are exactly identical.

To order a ZooLamp of your own, email [email protected].

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